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"That awkward moment when you get up from sujood, step on the back of your skirt and nearly fall over"

Anonymous: What would you recommend for a high school graduation outfit?

I would recommend something not over the top yet still classy.
If you wear hijab i would say a nice evening maxidress or skirt with a blazer and wrap your hijab diffrent then usual.

And if you rather wear pants you could wear it with a long peplum top with long sleeves and a statement neckless with a nice clutch and matching scarf and shoes.

A high-low dress will also look very nice. You could make it as hijab proof as you want. :)

But most of all i would recommend something that your comfortable in and fits your persona. 

thank you for the question.

congrats and good luck!


Thinking of starting a own personal blog. 

I have some really cool stuff i would like to share like DIYs, Hauls and stuff.

I also get a lot of questions that i would love to answer comprehensively. 

And i just wanted to thank every follower who has helped me reach 1600! Thank you so much, i really do appreciate it more then i can type.

Please do tell if you would like to see me do stuff like that!

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My outfit of the day!
I found this awesome DIY citrus body scrub online.So i took some pictures while making it, it smells amazing!you will need:2 lemons ( just the skin/ zest), 10 tablespoons of sugar and 5 tablespoons of oil. mix it really well and your done!
hope you guys like it! 
note: you could use any oil you want to. i used sunflower oil but cocos oil and olive oil are also fine. it just depends on your preference and what suits your skin!

source: Beautygloss